Are you seeking profound insights and guidance on your life journey?

Let me help you gain profound insights and divine guidance from the Akashic Masters, so that you can discover the secrets of your soul’s journey, embrace transformative growth and tap into the vast knowledge of the Akashic Records to reveal hidden truths and cosmic wisdom.

Your Personal Messages from the Akashic Masters

your personalised tailored-for-you channelled Akashic Answers!

Why You Need This:

Soul Clarity:

Are you feeling lost or uncertain on your spiritual path? Our Akashic Master can provide you with the clarity your soul craves. Discover your true purpose and destiny.

Karmic Healing:

If you’ve been struggling with repeating patterns and unresolved issues, the Akashic Records hold the key to understanding and releasing your karmic ties. It’s time to break free.

Personal Growth:

The Akashic Master’s insights can accelerate your personal growth and transformation. Whether you seek answers about love, career, or your life’s mission, these channeled messages are your compass.

Divine Connection:

Connect with the higher realms and tap into universal knowledge. These messages are a direct line to the wisdom of the cosmos, offering profound spiritual experiences.


Receive your answers via email, making it easy to revisit and reflect on the guidance provided. It’s a personalized, digital sanctuary of wisdom accessible at your convenience.

Experience the Akashic Difference

The channeled messages are not just answers; they are soul-nurturing experiences that will resonate deep within you.

Let’s have a heart to heart chat with the Akashic Masters to help you manifest your desires, and step into a life aligned with your true purpose.


Hello I’m Elyse-Anne.

Your personal soul coach. I’m very excited to come along this spiritual journey with you.

Let’s get started right away, shall we?


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Soul Clearing and Healing is for those ready to shed old baggage and belief systems, embracing a transformative journey towards lightness, clarity, and profound spiritual wellness. Release the weight of the past and step into a future filled with freedom and joy. Your soul’s radiant journey begins here.

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✅ Liberate Your Spirit from Energetic Shackles: Immerse yourself in the profound benefits of cutting cords and releasing negative energy. Experience the liberation as you sever ties with the past, allowing your spirit to soar unencumbered, free from the weight of energetic attachments. ✅ Revitalize with a Fresh Energy Makeover: Undergo a transformative experience that revitalizes your energy. Shed the remnants of negativity and embrace a fresh mindset makeover. Feel the invigorating shift as you welcome positive vibrations, fostering a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm. ✅ Manifest Dreams Beyond Imagination: Elevate your manifestation game with a new mindset. Unleash the power within to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. By cutting cords and clearing negative energy, you create the space for abundant opportunities and pave the way for the realization of your deepest desires. ✅ Embrace a Life of Abundance and Purpose: As you navigate this soul-clearing journey, witness the blossoming of a life filled with abundance and purpose. The removal of negative energy opens doors to opportunities and aligns your intentions with the universe, guiding you toward a reality where your dreams materialize effortlessly. ✅ Cultivate a Positive and Empowered Self: Experience a profound shift in your self-perception. Through the cutting of energetic cords and the release of negativity, cultivate a positive and empowered self. Witness the emergence of newfound confidence, resilience, and a deep sense of self-love. ✅ Tap into the Power of Mindset Alchemy: Delve into the alchemy of mindset transformation. Witness the alchemical process as negative energies dissolve, making way for a mindset makeover that empowers you to manifest with intention. The power of your mind becomes a catalyst for creating the reality you’ve always envisioned.

Embark on this soul-clearing and healing journey to cut cords, release negativity, and undergo a transformative mindset makeover. Watch as your life unfolds into a tapestry of abundance, purpose, and dreams fulfilled beyond imagination.

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Who is this ideally for?

Individuals seeking guidance through “Messages from the Lords of Karma” may be facing various challenges and questions in their lives. Some common problems they might be experiencing include:

1. Lack of Clarity: They might feel uncertain about their life’s purpose, direction, or decisions, seeking clarity on what steps to take next.

2. Karmic Patterns: They could be struggling with recurring challenges or patterns in their life, seeking to understand and break free from negative karmic influences.

3. Spiritual Growth: They might be on a journey of spiritual growth and are looking for insights and guidance to deepen their understanding of themselves and their spiritual path.

4. Life Transitions: They could be going through significant life changes, such as career shifts, relationship challenges, or personal transformations, and need support in navigating these transitions.

5. Healing and Inner Peace: They may be seeking healing from past wounds, emotional pain, or unresolved issues to find inner peace and balance.

6. Seeking Higher Guidance: They might feel a connection to higher spiritual realms and are open to receiving guidance from divine beings to support their soul’s evolution.

7. Seeking Validation: They could be looking for validation and affirmation of their intuitive insights or gut feelings about their life choices.

Overall, the individuals seeking messages from the Lords of Karma are likely seeking deeper meaning, spiritual insights, and guidance to help them navigate their life’s journey with more clarity, purpose, and alignment.

What will you be receiving?

Upon purchasing “Messages from the Lords of Karma,” the client will receive a personalized, channeled, and written reading from the divine beings known as the Lords of Karma.

The reading will be delivered via email, and the client can expect to receive the following the examples:

1. Channeled Guidance: The reading will contain channeled messages directly from the Lords of Karma. These messages are unique to the individual client and offer profound insights, guidance, and wisdom specific to their life circumstances and spiritual journey.

2. Clarity on Life’s Challenges: The client will gain clarity on the challenges they are currently facing. The Lords of Karma will offer guidance and understanding to help the client navigate through difficult situations and make empowered decisions.

3. Karmic Insights: The reading will provide insights into the client’s karmic patterns and influences. Understanding karmic factors can help the client identify recurring themes in their life and take conscious steps to break free from negative cycles.

4. Spiritual Growth and Soul Evolution: The messages from the Lords of Karma will support the client’s spiritual growth and evolution. They may receive guidance on how to align with their soul’s purpose and embrace their spiritual gifts.

5. Healing and Inner Peace: The reading may offer healing energy and support to help the client release emotional wounds and find inner peace. The Lords of Karma’s messages can provide comfort and reassurance during times of emotional turmoil.

6. Validation and Affirmation: The client may receive validation and affirmation of their intuitive insights and gut feelings about their life choices. This validation can help them trust their inner wisdom and intuition.

7. Empowerment and Support: The messages from the Lords of Karma are designed to empower the client to take charge of their life and make positive changes. The reading serves as a source of support and encouragement on their journey.

It’s important to note that the messages received in the reading are spiritual guidance and should be considered as tools for personal growth and self-awareness. The client is encouraged to approach the messages with an open heart and a willingness to receive the wisdom of the divine beings.

What is the delivery process?

1. Purchase and Form Filling: After making your purchase, you will be directed to a form where you can provide essential details for the reading. This includes your name, birth date and your email address.

2. Delivery Process: Our team of intuitives will channel the messages from the Guides within 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). The reading will be delivered directly to your email address, so please ensure it is accurate and up to date.

3. Embrace Divine Insights: Take the time to absorb the messages and insights offered by the Guides. Their words hold potent energy and guidance, supporting your growth and spiritual evolution.

Important Note:

Our Guided Wisdom Reading is a deeply sacred and personalized experience. The wisdom shared by the Guides is meant to inspire and empower you, but it’s essential to remember that your life journey is guided by your free will and choices.

Should you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at