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Hello! I’m Elyse-Anne.

Your spiritual guide based in Singapore. 

I’m your cosmic companion, a soul coach and your personal spiritual guide.

My personal mission and intention is to empower and guide seekers of spiritual growth and self-discovery, like you, to transcend karmic patterns and cycles, manifesting a life of limitless possibilities and potential.

Through the wisdom shared here, I aim to assist you in harnessing your inner magic, embracing your intuition, and crafting a life that resonates with your soul’s deepest desires.

As a soul coach, intuitive, and akashic records reader, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals navigate their spiritual paths and discover the profound influence of karma on their life’s journey.


My own journey into the world of spirituality began in 2007 during a time of deep personal introspection.

I wondered why my life wasn’t working out even though I was praying and being a good human being. That was when I thought maybe I needed to clear some karmic debt.

And my deep interest in past life healing began.

Several years ago, I found myself grappling with challenging life circumstances and feeling overwhelmed by the patterns of negativity and struggle that seemed to follow me relentlessly.

I was dealing with a law suit (I thought bad things don’t happen to spiritual people?! But they do!), lost my 4th baby and my marriage was going down the drain.

Despite my intuitive gifts and knowledge, I struggled to understand the underlying reasons behind these recurring challenges.

In the midst of this internal turmoil, I was guided  to explore the Akashic Records—an ancient source of universal wisdom that holds the imprints of every soul’s journey throughout time. As I delved into the records, I uncovered profound insights about my past lives, the choices I made, and how they reverberated into my present reality.

The awareness of karma’s influence empowered me to take responsibility for my actions, embrace forgiveness, and embark on a transformative journey of self-healing and growth.


Through this profound experience, I began to grasp the concept of karma—how our actions and intentions shape the tapestry of our lives, and how unresolved karmic imprints can create patterns that influence our current circumstances.

Knowing how to Access the Akashic Records has deeply and greatly changed my life. It has helped me moved on from my divorce and started a brand new life quite quickly.

Starting from rock bottom at the age of 42 with 3 children isn’t the easiest yet my life has made a completely turnaround – from pain to purpose.

The Masters are always hanging around waiting to guide us, all we need to do is ask.

As we embark on this sacred journey together, let us remember that karma is not a force of punishment but a benevolent teacher, guiding us towards greater self-awareness and spiritual evolution.


How I Can Help

Soul Clarity


Gain profound insights and understanding into your soul’s purpose and path, empowering you to make aligned decisions and live a life of fulfillment.

Soul Energy


Harmonize your energetic field, release blockages, and reconnect with the vibrant flow of your soul’s energy for renewed vitality and spiritual alignment.

Rewrite Your Soul 


Transform and release karmic imprints and limiting beliefs to embrace new soul agreements that align with your authentic purpose and spiritual growth.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an ethereal repository of all thoughts, emotions, and experiences of every soul since the beginning of time.

Often referred to as the “Book of Life,” accessing the Akashic Records allows us to access profound spiritual knowledge and receive guidance tailored to our unique journey.

What is a Soul Reading and how can it benefit me?

A Soul Reading is an intuitive and spiritual practice that taps into the wisdom and insights of your soul’s journey.

It provides guidance, clarity, and deeper understanding of your life’s purpose, challenges, and opportunities.

By accessing the Akashic Records, a universal database of every soul’s journey, a Soul Reading can help you gain valuable perspectives, healing, and empowerment.

Do I need to have any specific beliefs or spiritual background to benefit from a Soul Reading?

No, you don’t need any specific beliefs or spiritual background to benefit from a Soul Reading.

The beauty of the Akashic Records is that they are open to all individuals, regardless of their faith or belief system.

The guidance received is universal and supportive of your personal growth and self-awareness journey.

Can a Soul Reading replace professional advice or therapy?

While a Soul Reading can offer valuable guidance and spiritual insights, it is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy.

If you are dealing with serious mental health issues or medical concerns, it is essential to seek assistance from qualified professionals.

A Soul Reading complements other healing practices and can provide valuable support on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Is a Soul Reading different from psychic or tarot readings?

Yes, a Soul Reading is distinct from psychic or tarot readings.

While psychics may tap into energetic frequencies, and tarot readers use cards for divination, a Soul Reading specifically delves into the Akashic Records to access soul-level information.

It goes beyond predicting future events and focuses on spiritual growth, life lessons, and soul purpose.

How does a Soul Reading session typically work?

During a Soul Reading session, the practitioner (that’s me) will enter a meditative state to access the Akashic Records on your behalf.

They will ask specific questions related to your life or concerns, and the Records will respond with insights and guidance.

The practitioner (that’s me again) will then share the received information with you, and you can ask follow-up questions for further clarity.

What are the preparations required before the reading?

Before the reading, it is helpful to prepare yourself by setting a clear intention for what you want to gain from the session.

Take some time to reflect on the specific areas of your life or questions you would like guidance on.

This will help me to focus on your needs and provide more relevant insights.

What type of individuals may not find a Soul Reading suitable for them?

Individuals who are not open to spiritual or metaphysical concepts and are unwilling to explore the deeper aspects of their soul’s journey may not find a Soul Reading suitable for them.

Additionally, those seeking specific predictions about future events without a focus on personal growth and healing may not fully benefit from this type of reading.

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