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I’m Elyse-Anne, wife and mother to almost triplets. And I believe in angel feathers and fairy dust.
I help spiritual truth seekers, like you, gain clarity in your life purpose and soul’s journey so that you can live out your “bestest” life.

Discover the high in you!

My story

Heal Your Past

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked as an intuitive healer and coach. And I’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, connect with God, understand their soul’s story and create a life that lights them up.

What I know for sure is that the soul is seeking to experience the full spectrum of life through you.

Every soul has a story and I look forward to getting to know YOU!

My gift to you

Spiritual Sanity:

How to Create Your Own Retreat On Demand

Work With Elyse

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The Spiritual School of Money

When you feel that your manifesting “powers” are not working FULL time for you, it’s time to learn how to make money fall in love with you so that you can take control of your financial destiny once and for all.


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Money Mindset Makeover

If you’re working day and night and still NOT making the money you deserve, this 60 min session with Elyse-Anne will help you discover your FASTEST path to cash so that you can fund your business and lifestyle.


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Business turnaround 180

Spend just 60 min 1-on-1 with Elyse-Anne to learn how to create a powerful business system and structure that supports you financially so that you can spend time doing the things that matter to you most.


More than 18,500 Spiritual Entrepreneurs have joined the community

have you?

Praise for Elyse

Please note that the quotes below have been edited for length.
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  • “I’ve never gone as deep as I did during my session
    with Elyse-Anne today.
    I feel like a key integral part of who I am was unlocked and released today. I’m finally free to let all the BS go.
    Elyse-Anne tapped into something I had worked on before but had never gotten to the root cause of as the source of my actions and beliefs. So all of the “strategies” I was trying and investing in weren’t working.”

    Siobhan Barnes, Soulful Career Strategist

  • “Elyse-Anne is a major amazing influence and inspiration in my life. I decided to go to her mastermind in LA and my life and business has not been the same. My branding photography business has taken off and I feel so much more supported in the community.”

    Milissa Claire, Personal Branding Photographer

  • “Elyse-Anne is not your typical woman. She hold nothing back and will call you on your BS. That’s what I love most about Elyse-Anne as she is all honesty, truth and makes it a great time. If you get a chance to work with her, you’ll know she comes from love, warmth and a deep desire to truly help elevate you to become more than just your best.”

    Richard Phu, The Ultimate Man Coach

  • “Elyse-Anne is a true gift in the online and offline world to any entrepreneur ready to up their game and make a bigger difference. This woman has tremendous integrity, intelligence, a heart as large as the ocean and is a true leader.”

    Jenev Cadeell, Relationship Coach for Entrepreneurs

  • “Elyse is a powerhouse! She gives 200% or more in each coaching session. I love working with Elyse because her mind is constantly clicking and coming up with new ideas on how to improve your business. She really cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. Thanks Elyse for opening my eyes in so many ways to create the business of my dreams.”

    Lee Lewalski, Self Love Coach

  • “I learned so much about myself and my mindset and how I can perceive things differently. You facilitated the call so I could really explore what my internal dialogue was and the opportunities I have to see things differently and truly enhance my experiences and business. After our session I felt empowered and focused and I can’t thank you enough.”

    Alyssa Sulli,

  • “When I worked with Elyse she demonstrated a knack of coaching people to their potential. A Singaporean Sheryl Sandberg meets Gabby Bernstein for self-confidence at work and self love EVERYWHERE.”

    Sara Varela, Associate Director, Social Media – Marina Bay Sands

  • “After working with my lovely coach Elyse-Anne to transform my money mindset and work on self love, clients just flow in very effortlessly. She’s very gentle in her coaching BUT will kick your ass if need be.”

    Annie Quek, Real Estate Agent

  • “Each time I speak with her, I go in with an open attitude and leave with many shifts in my mindset. To work with Elyse, you have to turn up and be present in whatever you do. Then you’ll truly understand the excitement I have for working with her and the love I have for her.”

    Patricea Chow, Storyteller

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